2nd international Sonc & H-Conference

About the Conferences

The first H- Conference and SONC-Conference held in 2009 were a great success.
It was unanimously agreed that a continuation was desirable.


Nova Park Conference offers modern conference facilities and first class accommodation.
It is located close to Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

How to get there

Take a cab from Arlanda to Nova Park.


For general information, please contact Camilla Junggren, camilla@kemistutbildarna.se, tel +46 300 56 86 60
For information about the program, please contact Svenerik Bäckman, sebackman@degerforslab.se, tel +46 586 427 20 or visit www.kemistutbildarna.se

Registration and fees

  • One day, lunch and refreshments € 590
  • One day, one night accommodation and dinner € 750
  • Two days, one night accommodation, one dinner € 1200
  • Two days, two nights accommodation and two dinners € 1 500

Download the conference program here

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